May 25, 2024 10:55 PM
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Who we are

Storing vital products with care

Indian Tanking is an independent infrastructure provider with an unrivaled network of 78 terminals in 23 countries and 25+ joint venture partners. We have a diversified portfolio which is a critical enabler for product flows today and in the future. We serve energy and manufacturing markets offering significant growth opportunities to our 1,000+ customers, including new products and services. We take pride in improving access to cleaner energy and feedstocks for a growing world population, ensuring safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk liquid products and gases.

We store vital products that are vital for everyday life. The energy that allows people to turn on the lights, heat or cool their homes and for transportation. The chemicals that enable companies to manufacture millions of useful products. The edible oils to prepare food. Vopak is the world’s leading independent tank storage company, and we take pride in storing vital products with care, for a growing world population. 

We are developing new infrastructure solutions to actively contribute to the introduction of future vital products, focusing on zero- and low-carbon hydrogen, ammonia, CO2 infrastructure, flow batteries and sustainable feedstocks. We have a track record of over 400 years in navigating change and are continuously investing in innovation

Indian Oil Tanking Values

We have five core values that we live by every day. Together, these core values are the foundation of a unique Vopak culture that guides us in all our decisions and helps us live up to our purpose.

Care for Safety, Health and the Environment is always on our minds. We embed it in everything we do to ensure the safety of everyone involved, promote sustainability and contribute to our local communities. 

Integrity – We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles and do the right thing. The actions of every individual – being honest, truthful and responsible – contribute to the trust of our customers and other stakeholders.

Team Spirit – We nurture a spirit of trust, respect and optimism that motivates us to learn from each other and operate as a team, resulting in great achievements. We work together with a smile, are proud of our teams’ successes and value every member’s contribution. 

Agility – Our ability to adapt to change is more important than ever. Changing markets, new technologies and societal challenges motivate us to improve and innovate continuously. We value creativity, fresh ideas, bold decisions and new solutions. 

Commitment – Each one of us feels fully responsible for the promises we make to our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. We always go the extra mile. 

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